Make a family picture puzzle

Connect to the people you love ❤️

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Recapture what matters.

Piece it together. And live it again.

They grow so fast.

And you never get enough time to connect anyway.

Everyone is always on their phones.

At least you take pictures.

We say: take those pictures out for a spin.

It’s not a walk down memory lane. It’s a puzzle adventure.

One part nostalgia. Three-part challenge.

Time to unplug and play. Your memories deserve better than being trapped in a phone or social media.

And the list of puzzle benefits is longer than your arm.

From screen-time killer to anytime anxiety relief.

the TOP Benefits of personalized puzzles

Connecting with Family & Friends you care about

See works

Elderly Woman and Younger Woman Doing Puzzle

Making new memories together

(including taking Grandma apart & putting her back together)

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Family putting together a puzzle


Puzzles made our weekend perfect for laughter and reliving our trip"

Sam & Jan


The kids can't wait for show & tell to share their puzzle with their own pictures on them"


Elderly Woman Doing Jig Saw Puzzle


My independent senior friend across the country SO appreciated this happy distraction"


Simple Paint Art in Blue

9 to 1,000 piece personalized puzzles starting at $7.95

Best-selling puzzles

In screen time, you’re a billionaire. Let's get you up to speed on connection time.





Bigger pieces for kids

of all ages. Including for brain exercises

Buy Now 9 piece $ 7.95

Buy Now 25 piece $24.95

Buy Now 56 piece $42.95

How to pick the best photos

The biggest issue we have is, people consider us a puzzle company. We're a gifting company. We help people give a gift of memories and connection.

It's about putting others first. And picking the image that re-captures the memories.

You go online. You find the one that got the most comments from the people they love, they got the most involved with and download it.

That makes it really easy. How good are you going to feel when the phone rings the other direction?

Want some help?

We can do it for you too!

Sometimes picking the best photo from many is a good problem.

We also can save you time by helping pick the photos and create your amazing project.

We're obsessed with matching the perfect images to re-capture memories. It's what we do best!

Let us help create your personalized projects.


Click here to get started

young black man assisting an elderly woman using her phone
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress written on the puzzle.

Staying connected lowers stress

Avoiding the heartbreak of isolation is urgent for Seniors & vulnerable populations

It's been shocking and saddening to repeatedly hear stories from the senior population, and families of those who have been affected while in isolation.

Many suffered quietly and dramatically particularly during the early years of the pandemic when in-person visits were limited or difficult.

In all times it is critically important to be connecting with humans.

Breakdown of person to person connections for many reached a crisis level of accelerated decline as a result of the lock downs,

We are passionately helping families and friends to end the silent suffering and reconnect before the damage is permanent.

Rekindling nostalgic memories with familiar images are life-changing, and amplify the positive results with social interaction.

Senior Woman Suffering from Parkinson Syndrome Doing Puzzle at Home

Puzzles with those images are assisting with brain function and mental health while while lowering stress.

Think about your families and friends who have been apart.

Puzzles can bridge those relationships helping you feel relief and joy, instead of guilt.

Seniors and people with anxiety and traumas need a calming activity to be focusing on while receiving therapy or needing a break in routines.

And happy memories, releasing calming brain chemicals benefits are greater with familiar faces and scenes in the puzzles combined in nostalgic memories.

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what people say about us

Tricia C

Retired Middle/High School Teacher

“For children, puzzles are definitely a good activity. It's a challenge, for one thing. And they need to learn the thinking skills.

Puzzles also make for great learning experiences in the classroom. I’d use them in my Spanish and German classes, I’d use some of the photos I took of those places I visited and it would help them visualize. They could also be vocabulary puzzles.”

five star rating

Sharon K

Washington Women's Veteran Advisory Committee (and grandma to many)

“I couldn’t find good picture puzzles of children of color for my grandchildren. So I decided to make some from my own pictures.”

five star rating

Roxana G

Conversion Copywriter

“I gifted a 12x18 personalized puzzle to my friend when she was bouncing from her divorce.

I chose a picture from an afternoon out with the girls. It gave her a whole Friday evening to think of our time together and nothing else.

five star rating

Julie M


“I took Stanley to my neighbor who just lost her husband. “He’s so cute, I love it,” she said and put it to her chest. I had to get her one.

She’s keeping it for the grand kids to play with but they can’t take it home, she said.”

five star rating


Memory is Legacy

We honor and preserve memories so the next generation can have an honest sense of where they came from.

To enjoy is to share

Our memories are our most cherished stories. And unless you seize and share them, they fade away.

Legendary service

We strive to offer the highest level of support and service our clients have counted on for generations. So they can accomplish their own meaningful missions.


Sketches on cave walls. Paintings. Pictures. Polaroids. Selfies. Because our commitment is to empower you to capture and preserve what matters.

Have (meaningful) fun

Don't just have fun. Have the kind of fun that would make for a picture you'd be in tears over 5 years from now. Or 15. The kind you or your grandchildren would make a keepsake of.

Then go ahead and splash some joyful memories around. We vow to always help you!

Photography of Sunset

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